Houston Artists Jumper Maybach with Mercedes-Benz Art Car

Houston Artist Jumper Maybach Creates One-Of-A-Kind Mercedes-Benz Art Cars

Picture, if you will, the world-renowned elegance of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, now adorned with the captivating artwork of none other than the visionary Houston-Based artist, Jumper Maybach. In collaboration with SpeedPro Houston luxury cars become a canvas for Maybach’s mesmerizing artwork, manifesting as bespoke vehicle wraps that transform an already stunning Mercedes-Benz into nothing short of rolling masterpieces.

Let’s Go To Space In The New Book By Texans: “Ready, Set, Mars”

Looking for the perfect gift for your children, as well as others?  Look no further than Austin-based author Katie Jaffe along with her mother, Jennifer Lawson, who just launched their second children’s book, Ready, Set, Mars after their highly successful book Fly, Fly Again launched in 2020.  The colorful illustrations are by Tammie Lyon, an award-winning illustrator, who is known for her work on the Eloise series and the popular Katie Woo series.

How To Join A Board And Make A Difference

Earning a position on a Board of Directors is a capstone achievement for many professionals. Just how do you land that coveted spot? We spoke with John T. Montford, author of the new Board Games, along with Joseph Daniel McCool, who shares insights for ambitious achievers who want to make a big impact. By Jonathan Spindel

Houston Style Guy: Brian Albiter, Curator of Impeccable Taste

Born in Mexico City, raised in Dallas, and now living in Houston, future real estate tycoon Brian Albiter knows his way around style. These days, the social media favorite never fails to impress with his wardrobe selections, as our very own Lance Avery Morgan learned recently when they gathered to talk about what it’s like being a curator of impeccable taste.

Austin’s Janet Adderley: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Janet Adderley, a Houstonian turned Los Angeleno turned Austinite, is a force to be reckoned with these days. She continues to help make the world a more entertaining place with The Adderley School of Performing Arts where thousands of toddlers, kids and teenagers have found a passion for musical theatre and a belief in their own abilities since 1993.