How To Turn Fantasy Into Reality? Steve Kemble, Dallas’ Favorite Event Producer, Turns Dreams Into Extravagant Affairs

May 24, 2024
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There’s both confetti and chaos in creating Texas-sized events. When it comes to five-star events in Dallas, and beyond, two words come to mind: Steve Kemble. The outlandishly fun and festive event producer and designer, known as America’s Sassiest Lifestyle Guru, he brings his unparalleled enthusiasm and bright outlook to every single celebration. From weddings to philanthropic events to plenty of private parties, a Steve Soirée is truly unforgettable. From having designed events for former presidents, media luminaries, and some of the most legendary Texans, Steve Kemble’s secret sauce is his character, values, and creativity that he brings to the table every day for every event. Here, his decades-long friend and our Lance Avery Morgan, goes behind the velvet rope to learn more about Kemble’s ongoing success…and some of his favorite people, places, and things too.

Steve Kemble. Courtesy of Steve Kemble

Three qualities that got me where I am today are…Confidence, creativity, and integrity. These qualities have been instrumental in guiding me through challenges and opportunities alike.

Easiest career decision I ever made is…To constantly seek out growth opportunities that stretch me and provide value to my business.

A vignette from a Steve Kemble-created event. Courtesy of Steve Kemble

I love designing and producing events because…I love to transform ordinary gatherings into extraordinary occasions. Through unparalleled styling, design, planning, and production I love setting the stage for unforgettable moments that resonate with clients and guests alike, leaving a lasting legacy of celebration and joy.

A Steve Kemble-designed wedding vignette. Courtesy of Steve Kemble

Due to my ongoing involvement with event production, I have found that…It is important to have the ability to pivot in response to evolving industry trends. To address the challenge, I have adopted a strategy of staying informed about worldwide emerging trends. This proactive approach has allowed me to adapt to changing market dynamics and position myself as a trusted advisor capable of offering relevant and innovative solutions.

Creating memorable and one-of-a-kind events means that my clients…Will have an emotional connection that will linger with their guests long after the event. Those moments create a spark in people when they receive a “memory” notification on social media.

How I made my first dollar…Selling lemonade. But, of course, it was the most fabulously decorated lemonade stand in the neighborhood…not sure if the lemonade was any good, lol!

Courtesy of Netflix

Last thing I binge/marathon watched…Baby Reindeer.

Daniel Craig as James Bond

On that note, my favorite fiction character is…James Bond. What’s not to love about a martini shaken, not stirred?

My real-life hero has got to be…My father. His kindness, thoughtfulness, generosity, and honesty have left an indelible mark on my life. Through his words and actions, he emphasized the significance of treating others with compassion and empathy, regardless of the circumstances. I cherish the lessons learned from my father, embodying these principles in my interactions with others and in my approach to life in general.

First music I bought…Fleetwood Mac.

If I could live in a foreign city it would be…Paris.

What everyone should try in their lifetime is…Riding in a hot air balloon.

If I could compete in an Olympic sport it would be…Figure skating.

If I weren’t doing what I do I would be a…Movie critic.

My hidden talent that most people might not guess is…I can fence.

Book that left a lasting impression on me…The Great Gatsby. I loved the fashion, the parties, and the elusive nature of the American Dream.

If I had a superpower, I’d want it to be…Invisibility.

A simple way to get people to laugh is easy. Just…Laugh at myself.

I phrase I might overuse would be…Take (Whatever) to the next level.

My motto? Easy. It is…If you’re not obsessed with your life, change it.

Favorite scent these days is (because)…Gardenia. One whiff of a gardenia transports you into a Jane Austen novel.

An artist whose work I like to collect is…Ashley Longshore. And I want more.

Artwork by Ashley Longshore

The beauty essential you’d have to pry out of my cold, dead hands is…Concealer.

A celebrity I would prank phone call and what I would ask them is…Jennifer Coolidge. I would act like she called me and ask her what she wanted. When she gets confused, I would continue to insist she is the one who called me and not the other way around. Then we would laugh together, and she would invite me over for a glass of fabulous bubbly.

Jennifer Coolidge in The Watcher. Courtesy of Netflix

My personal style signifier is…always fully dressed for coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner,  or a nightcap.

Elvis Presley, 1958. Courtesy of Picryl

The classic movie star style I most identify with is…Elvis Presley.

Classic designer I wish was still designing today (and why) is…Gianni Versace.

If I had to limit my shopping to one neighborhood in one city…Highland Park Village

In my fridge you will always find…Queso.

My favorite beverage these days is…Makers Mark Rocks.

On my tombstone, it will likely say…Please Deactivate My Facebook.

My perfect day would end…with my partner Chad and my two rescue Chihuahuas, Leo and Laverne.

The Gentleman Racer by Michael Satterfield

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