Houston’s Beth Muecke: Up Close & Personal

July 11, 2023
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Beth Muecke of Bethie Life. Courtesy of Bethie Life

There’s a strong chance you know Beth Muecke, who seems to support every fashionable and philanthropic event in Houston. The lady knows her style and has devoted a significant social media fan following at BethieLife.com. Here, our Lance Avery Morgan catches up with her to learn more about her chic point of view.

Beth Muecke. Courtesy of Beth Mueke

CURATED TEXAN: The best career advice I’ve received is…

BETH MUECKE: Three different people (over a two week period in 2013) randomly told me I should do something in fashion…like a fashion blog. I listened and ended up launching BethieLife.com in March 2014.

CURATED TEXAN: Qualities that got me where I am today are…

BETH MUECKE: I follow my own style and am not afraid to share it, even though it can be different from others. It has paid off and I continue to be as creative as possible with fashion and my own interpretation.

CURATED TEXAN: Easiest career decision I ever made is…

BETH MUECKE: Starting my website. Although, it wasn’t exactly easy. In fact, it was kind of scary because I just started it from scratch and jumped in feet first, not knowing where it would lead.

CURATED TEXAN: How I made my first dollar…

BETH MUECKE: Actually, I made my first dollar covering a social event in Houston.

Courtesy of Netflix

CURATED TEXAN: Last thing I binge/marathon watched…


Book that left a lasting impression on me… BETH MUECKE: Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway. I bought this book the end of 2011 when I became an empty nester and single woman all at once. I was starting over with a new chapter, as they say.

CURATED TEXAN: First album I bought…

BETH MUECKE: Gosh, I remember owning 45’s. Probably Cheap Trick. They were older than me but went to my high school and the first concert I ever saw was Cheap Trick opening for Kansas.

Dior at 30 Ave. Montaigne, Paris. Courtesy of Dior

CURATED TEXAN: If I could live in a foreign city it would be…

BETH MUECKE: London or Paris. Or, both.

Courtesy of Galleria Houston

CURATED TEXAN: If I had to limit my shopping to one neighborhood in one city…BETH MUECKE: River Oaks and Galleria.

CURATED TEXAN: What everyone/woman should try in her lifetime is…

BETH MUECKE: Try to be yourself and self-actualize, especially as you age. It can be difficult, and not sit with some people you have relationships with, but you will end up happier and attracting the right people for who you are becoming.

CURATED TEXAN:If I could compete in an Olympic sport it would be…

BETH MUECKE: Probably some type of rhythmic gymnastics because I was a dancer. I’m looking forward to their adding break dancing to next year’s Olympics too.

CURATED TEXAN: If I weren’t doing what I do I would be a…

BETH MUECKE: Styling women for the red carpet in Hollywood and New York.

CURATED TEXAN: That one beauty essential you’d have to pry out of my cold, dead hands is…

BETH MUECKE: Any kind of face cream. I love moisturizers.

Dylan McDermott, 2012. Courtesy of Wikipedia

CURATED TEXAN: A celebrity I would prank phone call and what I would ask them is…

BETH MUECKE: I have two. I would call Gwen Stefani and ask if we could be besties and would then ask Dylan McDermott if we could get married.

CURATED TEXAN: My style icon is…

BETH MUECKE: I have a few. Gwen Stefani, Coco Chanel, and Audrey Hepburn.

CURATED TEXAN: My personal style signifier is…BETH MUECKE: Uniqueness.

CURATED TEXAN: The classic movie actress’ style I most identify with is… BETH MUECKE: Audrey Hepburn, although I have so many different styles within me, that it’s hard to choose one. 

Dress by Karl Lagerfeld for Chloé, 1971

CURATED TEXAN: Classic designer I wish was still designing today (and why) is…BETH MUECKE: Karl Lagerfeld, although I’m enjoying what Chanel is doing today as well.

CURATED TEXAN: The thing I am eyeing next is…BETH MUECKE: Finishing decorating my new house.

Pappas Steakhouse, Houston

CURATED TEXAN:The last meal that truly impressed me was… BETH MUECKE: Anything at Pappas Steakhouse.

CURATED TEXAN: An artist whose work I would collect (or like to collect) is… BETH MUECKE: Degas.

CURATED TEXAN: In my fridge you will always find…

BETH MUECKE: I have two fridges.One is my “drinks fridge” full of Perrier, Coke Zero, Dr. Pepper Zero, white wine and champagne. In my food fridge you will always find lots of veggies, fruits, salmon, and chicken salad. You didn’t ask about my pantry…in there you will always find Twizzlers.

CURATED TEXAN: My perfect day would end…

BETH MUECKE: With either my children and grandchild visiting or sitting on the couch with a glass of wine, by the fire, with a man I love.

CURATED TEXAN: On my tombstone it will say…

BETH MUECKE: I am the luckiest woman in the world to have my two children, Harrison and Kendra.


    • Beth, you’re a blast to know and we so appreciate your style in Houston, Texas, and beyond!

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