Made In Texas: Heavenly & Jeweled Handbags

Most self-described fashionistas are well in tune with the rhetoric of style: what you wear can give unlimited insight into who you are. In this retrospective piece on Texas purse designer Enid Collins, our Lance Avery Morgan discovers that nothing says more about a woman’s stylish personality than her handbag.

Made In Texas: Nokona Baseball Gloves

Founded by the Storey family in 1926 as the Nocona Leather Goods Company, the leatherworks got its start making belts, wallets, and other fashion goods. They wouldn’t begin producing baseball gloves until 1934 after Bob Storey returned to take over the family business, a former Rice University baseball player, Bob knew there was room for improvement in the baseball glove designs of the day.

Made In Texas: Stetson & Resistol

There is something romantic about a cowboy hat, originally designed out of necessity as our forebearers explored the vast and wild west, it quickly became a style icon inextricably linked to the American individualist… the cowboy, the adventure, the hero.