Portrait Of A Lady: Here’s How Houstonian Cindi Rose Creates Silhouettes & Magic

June 14, 2024
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Cindi Rose, Silhouette Artist

When the dynamic Houstonian Cindi Rose creates art, it becomes an instant heirloom. A fan favorite at weddings, galas, birthday parties, and other landmark events, if you want to find her, you can always Google: World’s Best Silhouette Artist. And there she is. The auburn-haired ball of fire has revived a centuries-old art favorite at a young age and has spent a lifetime modernizing it to the delight of all her fans and portrait recipients. The busy wife, mother, skincare expert, and artist catches up with her decades-long friend, our Lance Avery Morgan to share her super stylish insight on how to be more creative and how to live a more vibrant life.  

Portrait photography courtesy of Cindi Rose

The easiest decision I ever made…Was to work full-time at Walt Disney World as a silhouette artist, and then as an art manager, upon college graduation from the University of Texas at Austin. 

I love working with clients with my art…Because I connect to them at their soul level, inspire them, and can bring joy to their and my own hearts, leaving a lasting memory, and a monument to a moment.  

I find I am…Witty. Funny. And, always laughing because we all like to find humor. I believe that smiling helps you live longer.  

Due to SilhouettesbyCindi.comI have found that I can travel the world and get paid while meeting people of all walks of life, races, political views, income levels, and physical and mental conditions. We are all children of God, loved and created with love.

A sampling of Silouettes By Cindi

I made my first dollar…By drawing my neighbor’s home. My mother was an architect, so that was easy because she always did art with me.  

Last thing I binge, marathon watched was… Soft White Underbelly, I like to understand how people have tremendous challenges and end up on the street. I once saved a homeless, and hired him to be an artist, at Six Flags Over Texas (formerly Astroworld), letting him sleep in my office above the Main Street Emporium when the park was closed. He was my highest producer, but not my best artist. It shows, that when you are hungry, and try hard, you can succeed. If you do believe in more than your ego you definitely can survive in an evolved way. 

I currently love reading…Colleen Hoover, since she is a Texas writer and a New York Times best-selling author. I am impressed with how she fully creates characterizations and plots. I love that her dialogue is so easy to read.  

My favorite fictional character…Is Dorian Gray. I understand vanity because I am married to a plastic surgeon. Youth is beautiful, yet aging is not easy unless you look at how fortunate you are to live each day and contribute to the world in any small way. My sister, Holly Harwood Skolkin, died of Stage 4 cancer, so I value life. In her memory, and while she was alive, I created the 501 (c) (3)  called The Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation, and have saved (with my husband Franklin Rose, MD, over 99 lives and helped raise over a million dollars. I do not take a salary, yet I do this from my silhouette art and fundraising events.

My real-life hero…Was my sister, Holly who took her Stage 4 cancer and fought it with love and good deeds. She lived 15 years, not 3 months.  People felt she was Buddha and traveled miles for her blessings.  

If I could be in a foreign city, it would be…London. I already have many friends there and have been fortunate to silhouette the former Queen in person, as well as Sarah, Duchess of York.  

The first music I bought was…The Beatles and I think they are still relevant. 

Everyone in their life, should try…Smiling each day for three minutes, as odd as that sounds, it puts a smile in your heart.

If I was not doing what I do, I would…In addition to doing everything else I love to do in life, I would love to write and illustrate a children’s book.  

My hidden talent…is that I am psychic. I have worked for a detective, and was paid, and solved mysteries. I can connect my soul to other souls and get information, and as an artist, and creative, I can “un-ground” myself and create from a different level. Often, I do “psychic silhouettes” in which I give intuitive readings and capture the outside and inside of people. In fact, I can tell everyone five things about themselves, past and future, and be spot-on.

If I had a superpower, it would be…Computer science.

A simple way to get people to laugh…is to make fun of yourself.

A phase I overuse is…like or 100 percent.  

My motto is…You plan and God laughs. So, I plan, and if it does not work my way, I know there is always a lesson to learn, a better plan to make, or different timing that can happen. I also don’t worry because it solves nothing. Action is how to replace that.

My favorite scent is…Comptoir Sud Pacifique from Paris.

The beauty essential you would have to pry out of my cold dead hands is…My surgical scissors. With my silhouette art, I create beauty with them, find beauty, and give beauty. On the surface level, I use Bentonite edible clay to tighten my skin. I also own a skin-care line, at Utopia Plastic Surgery & Med Spa

Bentonite edible clay

A celebrity I would prank phone call…is Elon Musk. I’d interview him by letting him speak and then by cutting his silhouette to pick up his energy.

A style I identify with is…that of Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn. They always look athletic, happy, intelligent, and with values.

If I had to shop in one neighborhood it would be…The Magnificent Mile in Chicago, I would need a hunky bodyguard, too.

The Two Fridas, 1939. By Frida Kahlo

A style icon would be…I adore Frida Kahlo. Her art is realism, down to the soul, and there is no way to define it.  

In my fridge, you’ll find…Homemade real almond and seed milk. It is also raw and has probiotics. I am a food nerd, so believe that live sprouted foods are healthy. So can I sprout, too.

My favorite beverage is…I will have what he/she is having. I will even try pickle juice, the beer you recommend or the wine you recommend.

On my tombstone, it will be…simple. It will say Beloved Mother, Wife, Grandmother, Sister, Daughter, And Possibly, Artist.

My perfect day…Is always the day I have landed in a new city, state, or country, to do silhouettes (done free-hand, in minutes, without a light, sketch, and for hundreds of people at events) and then to discover new foods, new sights, new people, different cultures, a speck of growth, history being made, or history erased. Imperfections that are just perfect.  


    • Cindi Rose, we love your talents – thanks for being such a “cut-up” with a huge heart!

    • We couldn’t agree more, Herb…Cindi is an unstoppable creative dynamo!

  1. Cindi is such a dynamic and creative.soul. Wishing the article could explore her nurturing side. She knows the value of family and friends and has a selfless heart, which is her greatest asset. She reflects her faith by her actions.

    • Thanks, Shana – we agree 100%! Cindi’s making this world a more creative place to be!

  2. Thanks Shana, I feel the same about you. Despite your health issues, you give back to the universe, are spiritual, and a fantastic model. I like all the fashions you create, and look forward to your photo shoots.

      • I am one fortunate lady to find my soul mate, in Texas, from Colorado, while he was in surgery training at the great Baylor College of Medicine, Houston medical center. My beloved sister, Holly, introduced us.

  3. I had the honor of helping Mrs Rose while she was making gorgeous memories. I enjoyed so much of taking pictures of her.
    Mrs Rose is a breath of fresh air for me. She helped me so Many times by comforting me simply by talking to me and laughing with me when I am being silly.

    Anyone who meets her. They should be honored because Mrs rose is the one person who is the purest and simply exquisite person I have ever met.

    • Aren’t you lucky, Kim to have worked with Cindi – we can all learn alot from her!

  4. Curated Texan, I commend you on the beautiful presentation on Cindi Rose’s talent. She is an amazing lady who creates happiness and memories using her artistic talent. A beautiful lady she is in all she does. Thank you for bringing her shinning talent to everyone’s attention.

  5. There are not words to say how much Ms. Cindy has meant to me in my life. We met years ago at AstroWorld and I was immediately struck by this super confident, super talented silhouette artist. we became friends and always been giving, she helped me incredibly in my career as a caricature artist. her silhouettes were a thing of beauty and still are, the amount of detail lashes, interior cutting and spot on likenesses, as well as being one of the fastest in the world is truly incredible. She must indeed have a picture of Dorian gray somewhere lol, As somehow she looks better than she did 25 years ago.She’s always been fun to be around and one of the few that got my quirky humor. I’m honored to have her as a friend.

  6. Fantastic to read about the magnificent Cindi Rose who is so talented and kind, seeing the beauty in everyone and everything. Thank you for sharing your talents, as a world-renowned and celebrated silhouette artist, with the world! You are unique and extraordinary! So thankful to be your friend, Cindi, and to know the beauty and kindness that you share generously.

    • Beverly, isn’t that the truth! Cindi is such a gem. Thanks for sharing…

      • Lance, Dr. Beverly Barrett, is a Texas gem, author, professor, working in international studies, and economic situations.

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