Top 10: Here’s How Texans See Luxury Right Now

April 3, 2024
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New data reveals Texas’ most popular designer fashion brands. You may be surprised.

As everyone still debates the best-dressed celebs at the Oscars, a new study has identified the high-end fashion brands Texas is most obsessed with. Talk of the most admired fashionable – and most disastrous – outfits from the Oscars is sweeping social media.

In fact, the study analyzed Google searches for designer fashion brands to determine the ones Texas loves the most. Turns out Louis Vuitton is the most sought-after choice when it comes to splashing the cash on fashion.

Louis Vuitton men’s belt, $690

Then, Coach

Coach Broome Carryall. $895.

And Tory Burch also claiming a spot in the top three.

Tory Burch Patos shoes, $378

Who else? Here, our luxe lover Lance Avery Morgan has included a few of his top favorites this season for each brand…

The study, a survey conducted by t-shirt brand Chummy Tees, analyzed nationwide and regional Google searches for luxury fashion brands, to identify the clothing lines people are most keen to own. Now more than ever attention is on designer brands.

It turns out Louis Vuitton is the label Texas is most desperate to get its hands on, as it is by far the most searched for, averaging a whopping 352,529 searches per month. Interestingly, the French fashion brand is the most searched-for designer clothing brand in every state across the US except one…Nebraska.

Following as the next most favored high-end clothing line in Texas is Coach, with an average of 179,410 monthly searches, which, although it is still clearly loved, is 49% less than the number of searches for Louis Vuitton. Turns out that residents in 34 other states, including Georgia, Massachusetts and Tennessee, also share the view that Coach is the runner-up.  

Who is third? Tory Burch rounds out the luxe trio in Texas with an average of 158,477 monthly searches.

The fourth most popular luxury brand is Michael Kors with 149,016 average monthly searches.

Michael Kors dress, $899

Then, Gucci, with 132,788 average monthly searches.

Gucci men’s aviator sunglasses, $650

# 6 Kate Spade 113,885 searches.

Kate Spade Bloom scent, $95

#7 Ralph Lauren 79,036 searches.

Ralph Lauren Purple Label men’s linen sportcoat, $1995

#8 Burberry 74,857 searches

Burberry earrings, $1250

#9 Dior 72,046 searches

Dior lip color, $47

#10 Marc Jacobs 68,532 searches

Marc Jacobs wallet, $165
The Gentleman Racer by Michael Satterfield

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