Daily Driver: The 2024 Kia Telluride SX-Prestige X-Pro

March 5, 2024
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When Kia unveiled the Telluride back in 2020, it was a game-changer for the brand, it wasn’t just a new SUV; it was a statement. The accolades poured in and buyers were willing to pay thousands over window sticker to get their hands on the full-size SUV that offered affordable luxury. With this 2023 refresh buyers still have compelling reasons to look at the Telluride, we spent a week in the X-Pro, Kia’s “off-road” appearance package, and here is what we liked and didn’t like.

While the X-Pro package may not turn the Telluride into a hardcore off-roader, it adds a touch of ruggedness and versatility. The X-Pro package does add a slightly raised suspension and improved towing capacity, wheels, and off-road tires, but it still isn’t as capable as many of the competitors. For those looking for a daily driver that can also take on some trials, the Honda Pilot Trailsport or the Nissan Pathfinder Rock Creek might be a better fit. For those who just want a great-looking SUV that can handle some dirt roads, the X-Pro is perfect.

Since its launch, Telluride has had a very upscale interior offering great comfort and technology. From the spacious interior to the premium materials, the details are well thought out and the 2023 refresh introduces a host of tech upgrades, including a sleek curved display and advanced driver-assist features. From entertainment to safety, the Telluride has everything you need to stay connected and protected on the road. But all of these upgrades and packages mean that the price point has crept up, with the optional Wolf Grey paint our test Telluride has an MSRP of $55,275, which is $10,000 more than the Nissan Pathfinder Rock Creek and $3.500 more than the Ford Explorer Timberline.

Despite its family-friendly demeanor, the Telluride surprises with its agile handling and responsive performance. Whether navigating city streets or back country roads, it delivers a very nice driving experience. The Telluride’s fuel economy might not be ideal for some buyers, especially those who prioritize efficiency. With a combined rating of 21 mpg and 18 mpg in the city, it falls short compared to more fuel-efficient alternatives, potentially leading to higher long-term fuel costs. Unlike some of the competition, Kit isn’t offering a hybrid option so shoppers should keep that in mind.

While the Telluride is still a very good-looking vehicle, offering a lot in terms of quality, technology, and options, as the price has crept up, it doesn’t feel like the deal it once was. When it launched the Kia Telluride felt like it was punching well above its weight, it felt like you were getting a Land Rover Discovery for $20,000 less, today you get a Discovery for just $6,000 more, and a comparably equipped Toyota 4Runner TRD-Pro Premium is just $49,654, making it hard to justify buying the Kia based just on value.


  1. Hello, I am a grandmother in Arkansas with family moving our way. I need a 3 rower with an upgraded and roomy feel and with comfort plush. I had a chrysler T&C, traded for an Edge, regretfully! What is your recommendation. I do like the Kia Carnival, but undecided and neutral at this point.

    • The Kia Carnival is an excellent choice, but you should also look at the Toyota Sienna if you have a dealer near you. I would not recommend the new ne Chrysler especially the hybrid as they have had a lot of recalls and service issues.


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