Queen of Kindness: Andra Liemandt’s Happy Life Inspires Many

February 9, 2024
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Andra Liemandt

Andra Liemandt had a vision. To create The Kindness Campaign, a non-profit dedicated to providing emotional and mental health curriculum and resources for children in both home and classroom settings. That vision came true with teaming up with teachers, creatives, and other passionate individuals, to conceive an organization to teach social-emotional learning skills in fun, engaging ways. She’s also dazzling the world with her savvy leadership skills and inimitable style.  Here, our Lance Avery Morgan, a longtime friend, catches up with her to get up close and personal with the inspiring philanthropist, busy mom, and wife.

The best career advice I’ve received is… Just try it. Don’t let fear drive you: it is OK to jump in and try something new.

Three qualities that got me where I am today as the creator of The Kindness Campaign are…Determination, creativity, and empathy.

Easiest career decision I ever made is…To make The Kindness Campaign a nonprofit, rather than a for-profit operation. I wanted our work to be available and accessible to everyone because kindness is for everyone. Easy call.

What is influencing me creatively in the philanthropy world right now is…Kind leadership skills. I’m looking to work and partner with other philanthropists, companies, and organizations who are interested in modern leadership and want to collaborate on creative ways to express it. 

How I made my first dollar…That’s a tossup between a lemonade stand and being a certified babysitter. I had business cards.

The Gilded Age. Courtesy of MAX

Last thing I binge/marathon watched…The Gilded Age. Absolutely amazing show.

If I lived in a foreign city it would be…London.

What everyone/man/woman should try in her lifetime is…The Magic Mirror. It’s our signature program at The Kindness Campaign: you sit down and have a real conversation with your reflection in the mirror. It sets the tone for how you see yourself, which is healing for everyone.

If I could compete in an Olympic sport it would be…Track, hands down. I was a sprinter in high school and ran the 400 constantly.

Book that left a lasting impression on me…Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl.

If I weren’t doing what I do I would (be a…)…Doing something in fitness for sure. Training, testing out new methods of exercise, all of that. I am a fitness lover all the way.

A celebrity I would prank phone call and what I would ask them is…I would prank call Ellen Degeneres (because she pranks everyone), then ask her to join The Kindness Campaign and spread the message of kindness. I feel like she would do it.

The last meal that truly impressed me was…A close friend’s home-cooked meal, which always reminds me of the power of connection and sharing a meal. 

In my fridge you will always find…Any kind of water: coconut, Gatorade Zero, electrolytes…

My style icon is…Blake Lively.

Blake Lively at the Met Ball. Photo courtesy of Google.

My personal style signifier is…Stylish sneakers. Comfort and style are both key for me.

The classic designer I wish was still designing today would be…Coco Chanel. 

My perfect day would end… With a relaxing evening at home with my family.

The Gentleman Racer by Michael Satterfield

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