Holiday Favorites? For Texans, It’s Booze & Vinyl According To The New Book From Running Press

December 14, 2023
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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and as we gear up for everyone’s favorite time of the year, the bestselling Booze & Vinyl series (200,000 copies in print) finds its holiday cheer in an irresistible new volume that you must have for yourself…and to give as host gifts. It mixes beloved Christmas albums with very, very merry drink pairings – how great is that? A Booze & Vinyl Christmas from Running Press is by award-winning food and drinks writer André Darlington.

By Lance Avery Morgan     Photography courtesy of Running Press

It features forty curated Christmas albums, from the 1940s to the present, complete with two inspired cocktails for the A side and B side. From The Nutcracker and A Charlie Brown Christmas to Bing Crosby and Kelly Clarkson, this tome is the perfect companion for all your festive holiday gatherings. 

Whether you’re spending a quiet evening by the stocking-lined fireplace at home, or preparing to binge Hallmark Channel’s Christmas movies, you can make the season festive with this guide to forty favorite holiday albums from the 1940s to the present. Divided into four thematic chapters—Rock the Halls, Warm & Fuzzy, Jazzy & Classical, and Gift-Wrapping Station, each entry features liner notes on the album and accompanying boozy beverage recipes that complement the music or connect the drink to the artist.

Tasty holiday recipes sprinkled throughout make this the ultimate holiday cocktail party guide. The author even shares his trademark tips and tools for setting up the bar with twelve bottles, pantry staples to have on hand, and sensational, homemade syrups that sparkle with the flavors of winter.

You’ll love that this book combines the passion for holiday music, the love of Christmastime, and the fun of cocktails and entertaining. It’s an intoxicating combination of much-loved subjects. So, why not host your next ultimate holiday party with music, cocktails, and nibbles, a top ten list of Christmas tunes with cocktail pairings with A Booze & Vinyl Christmas as your guide? $26. At Running Press.

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