Top 10: Spring Has Sprung With Men’s Wild Shirts. Here What We Recommend

March 27, 2024
1 min read

Sometimes, Texas gents, you just have to cut loose. If that means donning a colorful shirt, way wilder than you ever have before, then so be it. Let loose and get wild, man, as recommended by our men’s style purveyor Lance Avery Morgan who knows his way around a wild outfit or two. Here, he reveals his favorites of the season.

#1. Paisley & Gray. $85
#2 Bode. At Saks Fifth Avenue $590
#3. Banana Republic. $190
#4 Retro Polka Dot. At $32.90
#5 Mr. Turk by Trina Turk. $268
#6. Prada. $1470
#7 Bonobos. $119
#8. At $89
#9 Urban Outfitters. $59
#10 Dolce & Gabbana at Neiman Marcus. $1545
The Gentleman Racer by Michael Satterfield

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