Daily Driver: Ford F-150 Tremor

March 26, 2024
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Are there enough Ford F-150s trim levels? Along with many trim levels, there are different drivetrains, powertrains, and luxury. The king of off-roading F-150s is the Raptor R. This extreme off-roading truck is powerful but expensive. Slotting between the Raptor and the FX4 is the Tremor. This was sold to be the best normal off-roading F-150. Let’s take a look and see!

In Avalanche white and 18-inch tires, the Tremor looks aggressive. Ford drew inspiration from the high-performance Raptor pickup truck for the Tremor, picking up some of its design cues. The vented hood, silver front bumper insert, tow hooks, and powder-coated running boards pay homage to the Raptor’s rugged aesthetic. Tremors include orange detailing and numerous Tremor logos. Those orange accents help to make the Tremor unique. The 5 ½ footbed with a lifted rear end makes the Tremor look unlevel, almost sagging at the front.

Ford gave the F-150 Tremor a great interior with plenty of space and easy-to-use functions. Looking into the interior, we see black seats with an orange Tremor badge. The gauge cluster is simple to use with steering wheel buttons for media and infotainment. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard. The signature shifter folds down so the center console can be flipped to be a table. There is a ton of space with a large center console and six Aux switches to connect to various attachments.

I’m glad that Ford still includes physical buttons and knobs for the climate control. There are also dials for the different drive modes and off-road settings. Seats are heated and ventilated with a heated steering wheel. They’re comfortable with enough adjustment, and optional pedal adjustment makes finding your seating position simple.

A 5.0-liter V8 producing 400 horsepower and 410 lb-ft powered this F-150 Tremor. With a 10-speed automatic and 4×4, the Tremor gets to 60 MPH in 5.2 seconds. Mash the throttle, and the V8 comes to life with a low burble. I’d say that driving the F-150 Tremor was pleasant, but that isn’t the case. The culprit is the 10-speed automatic. It felt like the transmission was slipping in third gear with slow shifts.
A slightly smaller complaint is the ride quality. It is floaty, and the modified suspension makes the ride a bit more harsh but manageable. Going off-road, Ford gives the F-150 Tremor multiple drive modes for any situation. Regular drive modes include eco, normal, and sport. Eco is useless since it dulls the throttle too much, and sport gives the F-150 more kick. Since I received around 17 MPG, it may be best to just keep the drive mode regular. Driving around with the safety systems made this large truck feel more safe. These include adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, 360-degree camera, and lane keep assist.

Pricing for the 2024 Ford F-150 Tremor starts at $61,100. The one package for this truck was the Equipment Group 402A at $7,525. This gives you the Tremor Series, 360-degree camera, LED side-mirror spotlights, power-sliding rear window, and wireless charging pads. With the optional $1,450 panoramic and other options, this 2024 Ford F-150 Tremor cost $74,040. For reference, a base Raptor costs $76,000.

If you’re not going to take your truck off-roading, skip the Tremor. We recommend the Lariat, which spec-for-spec is a few thousand less. For off-roading enthusiasts, take a look at the Tremor. It has the luxury owners look for, with upgrades made to ride the trails. Although the transmission wasn’t the best, this may have been a lone issue. If you want an off-road F-150 but don’t want to spend Raptor prices, look at the 2024 Ford F-150 Tremor.

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