Daily Driver: The Range Rover Velar

December 26, 2023
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Range Rover Velar in a field

I first saw a Velar in 2017 when I was invited out to an event in Los Angeles by Swiss Watchmaker Zenith to see their new special edition Chronomaster El Primero Range Rover Velar, the slick new Velar was on display alongside the limited edition watches, and it was an exciting vehicle. But I never got the chance to drive a Velar until now, six years later, as the current generation Velar enters its twilight period. The second-generation Velar is slated to be an all-electric vehicle in 2025. 

I didn’t miss much, as little has changed since 2017. The latest Velar has a slightly different grill, an updated dash, and some new technology, but pull your 2017 up next to a 2024 and you will be hard-pressed to spot more than subtle revisions to the design. The Velar still looks good and is a compelling choice for those seeking a perfect blend of style, capability, and sophistication.

Despite the passing years, the Velar’s design remains a showstopper. Its proportions are impeccable, and the surfaces exude purity. The minimalist approach, free from excessive step-lines, keeps the Velar looking as fresh as snow. The carefully crafted ‘vents’ on the bonnet and below the door mirrors, while slightly deceptive, contribute to reducing the visual mass and maintaining the SUV’s aesthetic appeal.

Timeless Design Mastery: As the years roll by, the Velar’s design continues to command attention. Impeccable proportions and surfaces as pure as freshly fallen snow define its aesthetic. The minimalist approach, devoid of unnecessary step-lines, keeps the Velar looking as crisp as ever. The ‘vents’ strategically placed on the bonnet and below the mirrors, while a touch of artifice, play a crucial role in streamlining its visual presence.

Intriguing Interior Ambiance: Stepping into the Velar reveals a cabin that embraces simplicity with unparalleled elegance. The visually stripped-down interior, seemingly flawless in photos, demands a meticulous approach to cleanliness. The latest iteration of the big-screen command-and-control system adds a technological edge, though some may find themselves yearning for the charm of the older system.

Off-Road Dominance with Style: While it may not sport the extreme off-road credentials of its Range Rover brethren, the Velar’s underbody and suspension,=do provide formidable off-road prowess. Devoid of a low-ratio transfer box and some advanced features, it still stands tall, offering more than enough capability for urban explorers who drift away from the pavement from time to time.

Relaxed Driving Nirvana: Behind the wheel, the Velar delivers a driving experience that leans more towards relaxed security than pulse-pounding engagement. Let it be your sanctuary as you savor the panoramic views, and the revamped engine lineup ensures it remains poised for the road ahead.

Stylish Pragmatism: In a sea of luxury SUVs that often feel like stretched versions of their sedan counterparts, the Velar stands as a beacon of distinctiveness. Balancing spaciousness for families, urban agility, and off-road prowess, it defies convention, proving that style and practicality need not be mutually exclusive.

High-Style Maverick: Introduced in 2017, the Velar swiftly became the avant-garde option in the mid-size luxury SUV domain. The 2023 refresh amplifies its designer SUV credentials, solidifying its status as a standout choice against rivals like the GLC, Macan, and Q5.

While it is coming to the end of its first generation run, the Velar still has a lot of luxury, style, and performance to offer in the very crowded Mid-Sized SUV market. Since little has changed, be sure to check out your local dealer’s certified pre-owned models as well when you are shopping, and if you are in the market for an EV hang tight, Land Rover is going to be introducing three electric vehicles next year.

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