Zero Motorcycle Unveils 2024 Line-Up in Milan

November 7, 2023
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Zero Motorcycles has revealed its 2024 product line, introducing several brand-new models. Highlighted by innovative mid-power options, the MY24 product lineup represents an expansion of the company’s diverse range of products, catering to a larger share of the world’s motorcycle enthusiasts than any other electric manufacturer.

Sam Paschel, the CEO of Zero Motorcycles, stated, “Every advancement from Zero Motorcycles reflects our unwavering commitment over 16 years of relentless development and an astonishing 165 million miles traveled by our dedicated owners. In an industry where each launch from Zero shapes history, we take pride in presenting the latest additions to our legacy.”

With approximately one billion motorcyclists globally, Zero is the sole brand that comprehensively addresses the diverse needs of riders. While the electric motorcycle market occasionally sees single-model entries from conventional internal combustion engine companies, Zero maintains its leadership by ensuring that every rider, from experienced enthusiasts to novices, has an electric option tailored to their preferences. Zero’s unparalleled lineup, which is the most extensive among all full-sized electric motorcycle manufacturers worldwide, is a testament to this commitment.


Expanding upon the groundbreaking SR/F and SR/S models, Zero is excited to introduce the all-new Model S. As an update to the world’s most iconic electric street motorcycle, the 2024 Model S offers exceptional battery value with its 14.4 kWh battery and a price point below $15,000. Equipped with an all-new motor, the S is optimized to strike the perfect balance between performance and efficiency. With twice the battery capacity of its predecessor, the new Model S represents a significant advancement in the industry. Joining the SR (exclusively for European markets), SR/F, and fully faired SR/S, the 2024 S completes the lineup of full-sized electric street motorcycles.


Following the outstanding reception of our DSR/X last year, Zero Motorcycles is thrilled to announce the expansion of the category-defining D-Series with the introduction of the next-generation DS and DSR models. Similar to Zero’s other dual-sport offerings, these bikes showcase Zero’s commitment to innovation and rider satisfaction. They feature the same reinforced chassis, extra-durable Gates carbon belt drive, and various off-road-specific benefits found in the DSR/X.

In North America, the 2024 Model S is available for $14,995, the 2024 SR/F is priced at $20,495, and the 2024 SR/S retails for $20,995. The North American dual-sport motorcycles, starting with the all-new DS, are available for $15,995, the all-new DSR is priced at $19,995, and the flagship electric adventure bike, the DSR/X, can be yours for $22,995. Additionally, the FXE returns for 2024 and is available at $12,495, and the popular FX is also priced at $12,495.

The future of motorcycling is electric. With its ever-evolving lineup and continued commitment to innovation, Zero Motorcycles remains at the forefront, reshaping the electric motorcycle experience for riders around the world. For comprehensive technical specifications and more information on Zero’s all-new models, or to locate your nearest authorized Zero Motorcycles Dealer, visit today.

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