Fort Worth: A Wealth Of Wellness

June 15, 2023
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Lily Melcher, Shelby Goff, Cami Goff, John Goff and Travis Goff

Multi-faceted Canyon Ranch Launches With Five Wellness Pillars

By Gordon Kendall and Dustin Ward      Photography courtesy of Canyon Ranch

THE SCENE: Fort Worth’s Museum of Modern Art was the recent setting for Canyon Ranch Fort Worth’s Founding Member launch party. Hosted by dynamic real estate and philanthropic couple, John and Cami Goff, the chic summer event introduced Texans to Canyon Ranch’s multi-faceted, “Five Wellness Pillars” philosophy. Encompassing more than fitness, the brand’s approach includes health and performance training along with mind and spirit guidance, fitness and movement coaching, nutrition, and food advice, as well as spa and beauty services.

THE VIBE: Guests, many of whom were already “CR” devotees and regular visitors to its properties, sampled signature dishes such as harissa glazed salmon while previewing images of the to-be-built facility from within the museum’s atrium lobby, a nature-infused space in keeping with the spas’ own atmospheres. Attendees also learned about the individualized services and curated experiences to be offered, once completed. Further bringing the spa experience to the event was the unique “Salt Bar” where guests received bespoke samples of body buffing scrubs infused with blends of aromatic oils of their choosing. Those attending also learned more about beauty products and esthetician services such as hydrafacials, available through onsite demonstrations. Those interested in fitness watched Pilates demonstrations and cardiovascular training, complete with real time oxygen monitoring, provided by facility trainers.

Highlighting the event was the welcome by John and Cami Goff from the dramatic, light-filled staircase. Citing their love of Canyon Ranch and how they have found their own paths to wellness because of it, they hoped others in Fort Worth, and soon in Houston and Austin, would discover the many benefits the spa provides. Canyon Ranch Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Kuster, echoed those wishes and noted the many benefits of becoming Founding Members. Previously during the event, Chief of Health Innovation and former Surgeon General of the United States, Dr. Richard Carmona, shared informally his earliest recollections of the original Tucson, Arizona facility as having dirt roads and how exciting it was to be part of both the development of Canyon Ranch into a world-class wellness facility as well as leading its guests to live healthier, more fulfilling lives.    

“Where the west meets wellness” was the theme of Canyon Ranch’s Founding Member Launch Party. As guests left the event, custom Niven Morgan candles and hand-signed cards of welcome from the Goffs were luxurious, thoughtful welcomes to that wonderful world of wellness the facility will offer Texans.  Canyon Ranch, a pioneer in wellness guidance with over four decades, began in Tucson, Arizona, and grew to include facilities in Lenox, Massachusetts, Woodside, California, and Las Vegas. The new Wellness Club location in Fort Worth, opening 2023, and in Houston, 2024, and also Austin, Texas, will bring Canyon Ranch’s legacy and expertise to Texas. A limited number of Founding Memberships remain with regular memberships soon to open.

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